AEM6.1/6.2 to AEM6.4 upgrade Process – Platform migration


Migration activity In this article we are planning to upgrade AEM 6.1/6.2 to AEM 6.4.Pre-Requistics:1.Running AEM 6.1 env.2.AEM6.4 jar (in handy )NOTE: AEM 6.3 have new features related to Segment tar repository. This needs to be considered while upgrading to AEM6.4Upgradation types:Two types of upgradation can be performed .1.New AEM6.4 setup2.In-place

In-Built JARs in AEM 6.4


Introduction:In this article ( AEM6.4 inbuilt jars ) we are going to analyses about /opt folder. In /opt folder we can see some JARs and we are going to explore them. PATH : /opt/aem/crxquickstart/opt Tree command :           1.Composite-init.jar: ( Still WIP state) This Jar present inside of extensions folder.Usages: Composite-init is basically a run mode

Restore AEM using Journal Log


Journal Log This article describes about how to restore our AEM application with our last good working revision using the Journal log.We can use oak runnable to check and restore the last good revision into Oak's working directory.The default configuration of the Journal theoretically allows for an unlimited number of rotated



AEM ON DOCKER In this article we are going to work out on how to install AEM instance on docker container.  Less Docker knowledge is required.  (all commands with screenshot been attached).We are setting up 1 author and 1 publishers (2 Containers with Same image)  and connect the instances.Prerequisites:1.Ensure latest Docker

AEM – Best approaches for Maintenance Releases and Validating Packages


AEM Maintenance: In this article we are going to cover AEM Maintenance releases standard and validating packages before deploying to AEM instances.1.Maintenance release:Earlier we use to get Hotfix from Day care if we face any platform related issues . Now instead we get Cumulative Fix pack .1. Hot fix is replaced

AEM installation with NODE and DATA STORE configuration

AEM installation

AEM installation In this article we will implement AEM installation with different store configuration.Major difference between CQ5.x and AEM6.x: a.AEM6.x implements OAK repository whereas older CQ5 uses CRX2. b.AEM6.x uses Microkernel , CQ5.x uses Persistence manager. c.Custom re-index is possible in AEM 6.x depends upon the queries . (Will cover more on this in