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AEM6.1/6.2 to AEM6.4 upgrade Process – Platform migration


Migration activity

In this article we are planning to upgrade AEM 6.1/6.2 to AEM 6.4.


1.Running AEM 6.1 env.

2.AEM6.4 jar (in handy )

NOTE: AEM 6.3 have new features related to Segment tar repository. This needs to be considered while upgrading to AEM6.4

Upgradation types:

Two types of upgradation can be performed .

1.New AEM6.4 setup

2.In-place upgrade

In this article we are going to focus on In-place upgrade.

This upgrade will migrate with existing content,dam, user and group permissions .

Step by Step upgradation :

1.Start your AEM6.1 instance and check all consoles are working fine.

2.Remove all custom code and configs.

3.Check “” file is present. If not , copy from other instance and paste it.

4.Run offline compaction to keep Repo more compacted before upgrade.

5.Start AEM 6.1

6.Get Pre-upgrade package from below URL and upload to Package manager

* AEM come up with this handy package where all pre upgrade tasks been taken care by this package.

AEM6.1 > (Use this package if you have AEM6.1)

AEM6.2 > (Use this package if you have AEM6.2)

NOTE: This packages can be download from package share.

AEM6.1/6.2 to AEM6.4 upgrade Process – Platform migration

  1. Install the package and open OSGI configMgr console.

8.Search Pre upgrade package and open the settings.

AEM6.1/6.2 to AEM6.4 upgrade Process – Platform migration


Each parameters explained :

VersionPurge: This can be used to purge page versions .

GenerateBundlesListFileTask: List of bundles will be checked and placed in some path. This path can be found in your log.

DisableReplication: Disable replication

WorkflowPurgeTask:  Purge workflow. I not used while performing upgrade as I don’t have any workflow purge settings. : Audit log in logger.

NOTE: If you run any task which you not configured then pre upgrade task gets fail.

9.Once all necessary settings are added , open JMX console and select “PreUpgradeTasks”.

  1. Trigger and invoke runAllPreUpgradeTasks()

AEM6.1/6.2 to AEM6.4 upgrade Process – Platform migration

11.Check for Error.log to get below success message.

27.07.2018 14:31:53.916 *INFO* [pool-12-thread-3-Pre Upgrade Tasks Queue(com/adobe/aem/preupgrade/job/RunAllPreUpgradeTasks)] com.adobe.aem.upgrade.prechecks.tasks.impl.RunAllPreUpgradeTasksImpl RunAllPreUpgradeTasks task finished running successfully.

12.Stop AEM .

13.Remove all files present inside /install folder

14.Now place your aem6.4 jar on the same place where AEM6.2.jar placed.

15.Run the below command :

> java -Xmx4096m -jar <name_of_AEM6.4_jar> -unpack

Once done successfully we will be getting below message

Quickstart files unpacked, server startup scripts can be found under /<currentpath>/crx-quickstart/bin

16.Finally apply Migration steps to change Repo to segment tar .

>java -Xmx4096m -jar <AEM6.4.jar name> -v -x crx2oak -xargs — –load-profile segment-no-ds

27.07.2018 18:03:24.168 INFO   c.a.g.c.e.MigrationRunner: migration completed

 __   __         __        ___ ___  ___  __

/  ` /  \  |\/| |__) |    |__   |  |__  |  \

\__, \__/  |  | |    |___ |___  |  |___ |__/


17.Remove 6.1 standalone jar inside app folder . As you can see 2 jars.

AEM6.1/6.2 to AEM6.4 upgrade Process – Platform migration




18.Start AEM

  1. Will take some time as this will start new segment tar repository and also perform reindexing. Wait till you see the below message in log

org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.index.IndexUpdate Reindexing completed

20.Now you can access all console and welcome page shows AEM version.

From OSGi console, verify Product Info:

Since we upgraded from AEM6.1 we can see

AEM6.1/6.2 to AEM6.4 upgrade Process – Platform migration










21.Verify AEM6.4 consoles and check all users and groups been migrated.

22.Finally Deploy custom codes and config to check all functionalities working as expected.

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  1. Thanks for the info. We are planning to perform in-place upgrade from 5.6.1 to 6.4. Is it possible? Any insights?

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